The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is out this morning with a sneak preview of its forecast for U.S. energy use through 2035. There's a fair amount of (relative) good news in the forecast, but also some troubling observations.

Our new report, America on the Move: State Leadership in the Fight Against Global Warming and What it Means for the World, shows that while America is far from doing what is necessary on global warming, we are taking meaningful, concrete steps in the right direction. To strain the marathon analogy a bit, we may not be leading the race yet, but at least we're off the couch and lacing up our sneakers.

Last week, the Los Angeles Times ran an editorial labeling nuclear power as "a failed experiment of the past, not an answer for the future." The editorial fully agrees with the conclusions of our recent report, Generating Failure, that building new reactors would actually set America back in the race against global warming. In fact, we couldn't have said it better ourselves. Read the full editorial below.

The private operators of Chicago's parking meter system are bringing in $1.1 million in revenue every week. That's a lot of quarters. So many, in fact, that analysts are yet again questioning whether Chicago got its money's worth when it signed a 75-year lease for its system of 36,000 parking meters with a Morgan Stanley-led consortium.

The continued degradation of America’s waterways by industrial pollution – and the unwillingness of the state and federal governments to take the necessary action to stop it – is one of the great “hidden in plain sight” problems of our time.


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