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Lighting the Way: The 10 States Leading America's Solar Revolution

Solar energy is on the rise, especially in 10 U.S. states that have adopted strong pro-solar public policies and are now reaping the rewards in the form of abundant, clean, renewable energy from the sun.

Lighting the Way finds that America's Top 10 solar states have just over a quarter of the nation's people but 87 percent of its solar energy capacity. The Top 10 solar states aren't necessarily the ones with the most sunlight, but are rather those that have made "going solar" easy and financially attractive for homeowners and businesses.

As electric utilities ramp up attacks on pro-solar measures such as net energy metering, Lighting the Way serves as a reminder of the importance of public policy in the drive toward a clean energy future. See coverage of the report's release in top-ranked Arizona here. (Photo: National Renewable Energy Laboratory/Aeon Solar) (8/6/14)