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Renewable Energy 100:
The Course to a Carbon-Free Campus

Colleges and universities have long played a leading role in sparking technological shifts that transformed American life and helped create our modern world. Renewable Energy 100 looks at how institutions of higher learning can now lead another transformation: moving America from a fossil fuel-based energy system, to one based on renewable sources like the wind and sun.

Other Recent Highlights 

  • Tony Dutzik spoke with Marketplace about new car fuel efficiency standards announced by the Environmental Protection Agency.
  • CNBC covered our report with U.S. PIRG Education Fund on increasing overdraft fees at many banks.
  • Tony Dutzik joined speakers including Charlie Ticotsky, policy director for Transportation for Massachusetts, and Robin Chase, the cofounder of Zipcar, to release Fast Forward, a new report on how innovative mobility technologies like autonomous vehicles will impact Massachusetts.
  • Grist highlighted our chart showing "the United States’ mind-blowing clean energy potential."