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We Have the Power: 100% Renewable Energy for a Clean, Thriving America

America can address our largest environmental challenges by shifting to 100 percent renewable energy. We Have the Power harnesses the evidence for why a transition to 100 percent renewable energy is both necessary and achievable and highlights the technologies and tools that can get us there.

(March 2016)
Solar Schools for Philadelphia: Clean Air, Green Jobs, and Financial Savings

Solar energy is booming across the country, and with good reason. Solar panels generate emission-free energy, at a price increasingly competitive with electricity generated from dirty fossil fuels. Solar Schools for Philadelphia explains how the city's schools, taxpayers, and environment would benefit from an effort to put solar panels on every Philadelphia school.

(March 2016)
Solar on Superstores: How the Roofs of Big Box Stores Can Help America Shift to Clean Energy

America must take advantage of untapped opportunities to install solar technologies, like using rooftops of large superstores and “big box” retail stores as hosts for clean electricity generation. The roofs of these large stores are perfect locations for solar panels – they are largely flat and vacant and almost always fully exposed to the sun.

(February 2016)
Highway Boondoggles 2: More Wasted Money and America’s Transportation Future

America faces a long-term transportation funding crisis. Our roads, bridges and transit systems are falling into disrepair. Demand is growing for public transit and safe bicycle and pedestrian routes. Traditional sources of transportation revenue, especially the gas tax, are not keeping pace with the needs. Even with the recent passage of a five-year federal transportation bill, the future of transportation funding remains uncertain. Highway Boondoggles 2: More Wasted Money and America’s Transportation Future studies 12 proposed highway projects across the country – slated to cost at least $24 billion – that exemplify the need for a fresh approach to transportation spending.

(January 2016)
Turning to the Wind: American Wind Power is Cutting Carbon Pollution Today and Paving the Way for a Clean Energy Future

Wind power has already significantly reduced climate-altering carbon pollution: In 2014 alone, wind-generated electricity averted an estimated 143 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, as much as would be produced by 37 typical coal-fired power plants. By renewing the Production Tax Credit, a key driver of wind energy development, America can displace even more carbon pollution – a critical step towards protecting future generations from the worst impacts of global warming.

(December 2015)